About me and my ph.d. project

About me
I have  been Ph.D. student at Department of Design and Communication, University of Southern Denmark since February 2016. I have a background as a teacher in primary school throughout almost ten years, before I graduated as MA in Ict & Learning and shortly after began working at University College of Southern Denmark.

There I was first educator at the teacher education and later I moved on to the Department of Research and Development, where I worked as counsellor and researcher at the Centre of Excellence for General Education.

My main area of interest and research integrates how technology enhanced environments affect pedagogy and learning designs – particularly on supporting transformation of situated knowledge across contexts.

My Ph.D. project is part of the research program Designing for Situated Knowledge in a World of Change and focuses on how designs for learning at the teacher education, that embrace practice (contexts) as a core element, can support transformation of knowledge. The project investigates a group of students, who move across educational and professional contexts to resituate and transform their academic knowledge and put it into use as they teach fifth graders. The project uses design based research as a methodological approach and furthermore draws upon theories from the situated and socio cultural domain, where learning is seen as a result of participation and use of artefacts situated in specific contexts.


Feel free to contact me on anything related to my blog or research

E-mail: roh@sdu.dk

Mobile phone: +45 72 66 50 25

Twitter: @rhachmann

LinkedIn: Roland Hachmann