Project plan approved

Project plan for approval

This week my project plan was finally approved by my supervisor and sendt to the Ph.D. committee.  Hopefully they approve. The great thing about getting there is the proces of getting more aware of the directions, theoretical points of view and the methodologies of the project. Although there are still many wquestions to answer to, the project seems to have gotten in a direction, that reflects my research questions.

My research question

I haven’t revealed my research questions on the blog yet, so here we go:

How can pedagogical designs support students in transforming situated knowledge between educational contexts and professional contexts – and how does the use of praxis, as experimental labs and the use of mobile- and web-based technology enhance this transformation?

Short description

My research focusses on teachers education as the educational context and middle school (10-12 years) as praxis context, where the students experiment with the knowledge and competences gained through their study. It is my believe that through continuos boarder-crossing between education and praxis, the situating and transformation of knowledge is enhanced and empowered. It is my further believe that both education and praxis will innovate through the process.

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